Zenonia 3: The Sword Slashing Continues

Zenonia 3

Zenonia 3

Surprisingly you can still play Zenonia 3 online! Although it has been removed from the Google Play Store, we found a Reddit post with links to the PKs.

You can find the Reddit post here

and Reddit post 2 here

Key points:

  • 136 Quests to battle in, earn skill points used to upgrade Chael.
  • Four classes to choose from Sword Knight, Shadow Hunter, Mechanic Launcher, & Nature Shaman).
  • Thirteen active and 9 passive skills to choose from and fight through the story.
  • Seven bosses to fight against (Kraken, Scylla, Ekinard, Karzogal, Tariq, Temir, & Antione).
  • Ten main characters (Chael, Runa, Celine, Frey, Negir, Luxferre, Lewiel, Temir, Tariq, & The main boss – Antione).


Zenonia 3 has been strangely removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple ISO Store by Gamevil in 2018.

Why? The company says the removal is due to the game’s developers, Gamevil, “discontinuing support for the title.”

For lovers of the game, it is no longer accessible for download, and its in-app transactions are, shockingly, disabled.

Zenonia 3 is an iOS and Android mobile action role-playing game produced by Gamevil.

Continue reading to discover more about Zenonia 3 of the Zenonia series.

In summary, this is the third edition of the Zenonia series; it includes real-time combat, character customization, and a vast environment to explore.

Players of the game can also customize their characters with various classes, weapons, and armor, making the game that much more interesting.

The game has an in-depth storyline and various unique monsters and bosses. Zenonia 3 is a role-playing game previously available for the iOS, Android, and PlayStation Portable platforms, now unexpectedly removed.

There are 5 main classes found in the game, each with their special skills and play styles.

Statistics about Zenonia 3.

According to Game Faqs-Game Spot found here

80 users have rated this game (average: 3.96 / 5)

#106 highest rated AND role-playing game (#521 on AND, #18232 overall)

56 users have rated this game (average: Just Right/Tough)

#101 hardest AND role-playing game (#476 on AND, #29554 overall)

33 users have rated this game (average: 31.7 Hours)

#138 longest AND role-playing game (#363 on AND, #13371 overall)

82 users have played this game (50% have beaten this game)

What is Zenonia 3?

Zenonia 3

Developed by Gamevil

About Gamevil

The objective of the game



Building Stats

Developing Skills

Why Play Zenonia 3?


Bitter Sweet Ending

Secret Dungeon


What is Zenonia 3?

What exactly is Zenonia 3?

A storyline and various unique monsters and bosses. Zenonia 3 is a role-playing game previously available for the iOS, Android, and PlayStation Portable platforms before being unexpectedly removed. There are 5 main classes found in the game, each with their special skills and play styles.

Developed by Gamevil

Undoubtedly, the Zenonia series is one of the most popular mobile role-playing games developed by Gamevil.

Released in 2009 for the iOS and Android platforms. Many updates have happened to the game since it was released, and it’s one of the most successful mobile RPGs.

About Gamevil

In short, Gamevil is a mobile game publisher based in South Korea, Founded in 2000. Gamevil has released over 200 games on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, PlayStation, and Nintendo. They’re known for popular games like Kritika: The White Knights, Baseball Superstars, Darkness Rises & The Zenonia Series.

The Main Goal of Zenonia 3

Zenonia 3 aims to accomplish several missions and challenges while traveling, battling creatures, and gaining strength. Players must discover artifacts, finish dungeons, and acquire new skills and powers to advance in the game. Gamers must still make wise decisions and form bonds with other characters.

Classes of Zenonia 3

  • Sword Knight – The high who can unleash brutal attacks and renders his enemies defensively.
  • Shadow Hunter – A very high dex assassin that can lay down a barrage of claw attacks on his enemies.
  • Mechanic Launcher – The mechanic with his burn-em-down gloves that vaporize multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • Nature Shaman is a magical being with spells he casts with a totem that burns, shocks, and even frees his victims.

Classes of Zenonia 1

  • The Warrior is a melee fighter specializing in physical attacks that can also equip heavy armor and weapons and learn powerful special skills.
  • The Paladin – is a defensive tank specializing in healing and defensive abilities while also being able to equip heavy armor and weapons and can take a lot of damage.
  • The Assassin is a ranged fighter specializing in agility and speed that can also equip light armor and weapons and learn powerful special skills.
  • The Ranger – is a ranged fighter that specializes in long-range attacks. He can equip light armor and weapons and can learn powerful special skills.
  • The Mage – is a magic caster that specializes in offensive spells. He can equip light armor and weapons and can learn powerful special spells. Zenonia 3 has a variety of weapons available to players, including swords, spears, axes, bows, staves, daggers, and more. Players can also find and equip special artifacts that grant additional abilities or bonuses.

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Characters In Zenonia 3

Zenonia 3


Spikey-haired young boy with red eyes similar to Regret, he is the game’s main protagonist. He is short-tempered but destined to get it done in character.


Regret is Zenonia’s arch-rival and the main antagonist of the game. He is a powerful necromancer and the leader of a cult of demon worshippers.


Pardonne is an ancient spirit who watches over Zenonia and guides him on his journey. She is a wise and powerful being with a deep understanding of the world.


Anu is a mysterious figure who is to be the world’s creator. He has a deep understanding of the forces at work in the world and is sought out by Zenonia for advice.


Deva is a powerful warrior who serves as Zenonia’s mentor and friend. He is a skilled swordsman and a wise teacher.


Zephyr is a powerful dragon who serves as Zenonia’s mount. He is fiercely loyal and fiercely protective of Zenonia.


Mephisto is the leader of the forces of darkness. He is a powerful and evil being who seeks to overthrow the world. 8. Dario: Dario is a mysterious figure who is said to be the son of Anu. He is a powerful mage and a potential ally of Zenonia. Weapons can be upgraded by using certain items, such as special stones, improving their stats and making them even more powerful.

Building Stats in Zenonia 3

The next step is to build the character’s stats. Stats determine how powerful a character is in battle and how quickly they can progress through the game. There are eight stats to choose from: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Energy, Intelligence, Wisdom, Willpower, and Luck. Each stat increases the character’s power in a specific way, and players must choose which stats to invest in based on their play style.

Developing Skills in Zenonia 3

Zenonia 3

The final step is to develop the character’s skills. Using the skills in the game will give you an advantage over your enemies. While playing Zenonia 3, there are a variety of skills to choose from. Skills range from offensive to defensive abilities, and players can invest in those based on their play style.

The Sword Knight hearkens back to the first Zenonia’s Warrior class. Because of

his durability, he is a good class for beginning players to choose from, but he also

offers many opportunities for veterans to utilize their skills. Because

Strength and Condition are so similar for Sword Knights. Any combination of the

two works. If you prefer higher damage, devote more points to STR. If

you’d rather give up power for survivability, invest more in CON. You really 

can’t go wrong with any combination of those two stats. Revival and Holy 

Berserker are two abilities that, paired with a CON heavy Sword Knight, can

make him invincible. – Gamezebo Zenonia 3 Review

Why play Zenonia 3?

Zenonia 3 offers a unique, classic RPG experience that combines an engaging storyline and addictive gameplay. The game features an expansive world with deep, customizable characters, an expansive skill tree, and a vast array of quests and mini-games. Zenonia 3 is a great game for anyone looking for an immersive and entertaining RPG experience with multiple difficulty levels, various weapons, and challenging boss fights.

Tips For Fast Leveling


  • Go into the Executioner Room and head to the Challenger Tower.
  • Go into Co-op and add this character name hsh1619, or if you are level 65+, use this name Ghhjjkikbvf to get a level 75 teammate.
  • Select the level 4 guy.
  • Party up
  • Stand in the corner (minimal running around at times)
  • ….
  • Profit??

What happens is that once you are partied up with the computer-controlled character, you can stand still in a safe place and just collect XP while the computer-controlled character runs around killing everything. Granted, you will only want to do this if you’ve already finished the game or don’t care for the storyline and just want to get into the high levels as soon as possible. On average, it takes the level 4 character you are in co-op with about 20 minutes to clear 30 rooms. – droidgamersguide.com


Graphics Zenonia has a vibrant and colorful art style reminiscent of classic console role-playing games. The game features detailed environments and character models, along with smooth animations. The game also features an impressive soundtrack that sets the tone for each location. IV. Story Zenonia has a compelling story that follows the protagonist’s journey as he strives to restore peace to the world. 

Bitter Sweet Ending

Zenonia 3 has a bittersweet ending. After a long journey, Regret can finally save his people, but he sacrifices his own life in the process. Although Regret does not survive, his spirit lives on in the memories of his people, which gives them the strength to continue and rebuild their civilization. Ultimately, Regret’s selfless act gives hope to his people and ensures the survival of their culture and way of life.

Secret Dungeon

The secret in Zenonia 3 is the hidden dungeon in the Tower of the Dead B3F. To access this dungeon, you must complete the main storyline and then talk to the Tower of the Dead gatekeeper.


Zenonia 3 is an action-packed adventure that is sure to keep you entertained. Its vibrant visuals and challenging quests offer a unique and rewarding experience that will appeal to gamers of all ages. If you’re looking for an immersive and rewarding gaming experience, then Zenonia 3 is a great choice. 

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