Top 10 Best Game boy Colour Games Ever!

best gameboy color games

As a Game Boy Colour Gamer, you will already know that a Nintendo gaming experience can be a coin-busting, sword-slashing experience, or just another fizzled-out life.

So, we created this list of The Top 10 Best Game Boy Colour Games Ever.

In our list, you will find games with some of the most iconic heroes of the Nintendo world, like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, & Wario.

This may also lead to you Playing Tennis or Golf with Mario or trying to Catch ”’em’ All!

So, without further ado.

Our List of The Top 10 Best Game Boy Colour Games of all Time!

The Top 10 Best Game Boy Colour Games Of All Time!

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakeningthe legend of zelda

A Refreshing Take On An Old Classic and one of the Best Game Colour Games

As it starts the Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening is a classic action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Colour in 1993.

What sets it apart?

We found that the atmosphere sets Link’s Awakening apart from the other Zelda games. You are stuck on an Island and forced into awakening a Wind Fish. Compared to The Legend of Zelda – 1986 or other Zelda Classics.

Legend Of Zelda(1986)

The plot

While Link is stuck on the Island of Kohilant, he must collect all 8 instruments to play the songs that awaken the wind fish found in a huge egg at the top of the island. Will end the dream and, in turn, eliminate the island’s inhabitants, which is a moral dilemma they do not agree with, and will be cursing you as you play adventure through the game.

  • You will find useful tools and weapons to defeat enemies along the way.
  • Another thing that truly makes Link’s Awakening stand out from the other Zelda games is its unique atmosphere. As well as the whimsical and lighthearted style is enhanced by its vibrant colors and charming art style. The graphics are different and upgraded compared to the version seen in Legend of Zelda.
  • The tone of the game is a delightful one. As you play through, this music will keep you entertained and enjoy the game as you adventure.
  • Every dungeon contains a boss, mini-bosses, and the common monsters Stealth Ozoses and Wiz Robes.

The controls are different:

Comparatively, the gameplay and controls are like the other Zelda titles, with Link using a variety of weapons and items to progress through the game.

  • Unlike the other Zelda games, this game introduces a few new elements not seen in those games. 
  • The new Color dungeons and fixes to glitches seen in the versions set this game apart from its counterparts.
  • The game is also a return to the screen-by-screen of the NES world. The map was given 256 screens vs the original 128.

The graphics are a major highlight.

links awakening switch

Played on the Switch:
  • The game was first released on the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour.
  • The graphics have been updated for the more powerful Switch hardware. Giving the game a new vibrant and more fun, and updated look. The game has a style more suitable for children and adults alike. I also think this version of the game will get more younger people interested and check out the older versions. Although, the game’s structure remains the same down to the smallest details, like blades of grass.
  • The new style has the same charm as the older version but has a more upgraded modern feel than its 8-bit predecessor.
  • This version of the old classic has much more vibrant, colorful dungeons, adding to the original game’s already fun adventures.

The ability to collect various pieces of heart to increase Link’s health.

  • Equally, the game looks colorful and vibrant, with detailed environments and character sprites. The sound design is also top-notch, with an amazing soundtrack and sound effects.


The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a refreshing take on an old classic. Overall the game features a whimsical atmosphere, colorful graphics, and a great soundtrack. The gameplay and controls are familiar to fans of the series, but with some new features thrown in for good measure. In other words, don’t miss out on this great game.

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Pokemon Pinball pokemon pinball

Pokemon Pinball is a classic game for the Game Boy Colour. Released in 1999.

Certainly, it was one of the first games to feature Pokemon characters and is seen as a smash hit by many series fans.

Pokemon Pinball was re-released for the Nintendo 3DS And is still popular today.

What Is Pokemon Pinball?

  • Do you remember walking into the arcade and feeling in awe at the available choices? Well, now imagine you chose the Pinball machine with a Pokemon twist. So, as you play, you get to catch ’em all, then you will have Pokemon Ruby & Saphire. If you haven’t enjoyed playing an arcade Pinball machine, you should do yourself a favor and try one out. 
  • Pokemon Pinball is a pinball game featuring all of your favorite Pokemon characters. At the start of the game, you will get to choose between Ruby & Saphire, each with its pinball layout. 
  • As you play the game, you will be given points, and you can also earn coins that can be used to spend on various upgrades to keep you playing longer. If you are anything like me, you will need those upgrades to save you.
  • Once you have hatched a Pokemon, you can catch them. You might be catching an Abra, Grimley, Mewtu, etc.

How To Play?

The game aims to bounce your ball and collect as many points as possible. You must aim the ball at various targets using the bumpers to do this. After choosing which version of the game you’d like to play, you can choose the speed at which you’d like to play. I prefer to go slow until I get my skills developed, though. 

The game also includes various mini-games that you can play to earn extra points.

pokemon pinball


Additionally, it’s important to use a few simple strategies to maximize your score in Pokemon Pinball.

  • Firstly, watching the timer at the top of the screen is important. So, you know just how much time you have remaining.
  • Secondly, It’s important to aim carefully. You can use the flippers to adjust the angle of the ball, so this will allow you to aim for the targets that will give you the most points.
  • Finally, it’s important to use the mini-games to your advantage. Using these mini-games, you can play against a boss and try to defeat them in the bonus rounds. To quickly rack up points, make sure to use them whenever possible.


Pokemon Pinball is a classic game that many fans of the franchise enjoy. Unquestionably, Pokemon Pinball is a fun and challenging game. You can quickly rack up points and navigate the levels with the right strategies. So, try it and see if you can become a Pokemon Pinball master!

Legend Of Zelda: Oracle of Seasonslegend of zelda seasons

Oracle Series, aka One of the Best Game Boy Colour Games Ever!

  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Seasons is the second installment of the Oracle spin-off series of the classic Legend of Zelda franchise.

Chiefly Developed by Capcom and Flagship and released in 2001 for the Game Boy Colour, Oracle Seasons follows the protagonist, Link, as he travels across the land of Holodrum to save the Oracle of Seasons from the evil General Onox. This one of the best game boy colour games for sure.

zelda oracles of seasons


  • After being summoned to Holodrum by the Oracle of Seasons, Link must restore the power of the four seasons by recovering the eight Essences of Nature.
  • Onox, the evil boss, captures Din, and Link is destined to rescue him from his clutches.
  • Then Link will face many obstacles along the way, including enemy creatures, puzzles, and dungeons. With each essence collected, Link will undoubtedly gain new abilities to help him in his quest.


  • In this game, Link is joined by Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and a fairy who will help him throughout his journey. Eventually, the Link will meet many other characters, such as the Maku Tree and other non-playable characters.

seasons of oracles


In addition, the game features an overhead view of the world with a top-down perspective.

  • When Link travels around Holodrum, he will encounter enemies and obstacles that must be cleared.
  • Afterward, he will defeat them using items and weapons obtained during the game.
  • Regardless Link can use the Rod of Seasons to change the season, which will change the environment and open new paths.


Another key point is that the music of Oracle Seasons was composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko and is considered some of the best in the series.

  • It features a variety of tracks ranging from upbeat battle themes to tranquil overworld music.


Overall The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Seasons is a classic installment of the Legend of Zelda series and a great follow-up to the first Oracle game. Including its undeniably memorable characters, engaging story, and unique gameplay, Oracle Seasons is a must-play for any series fan. 

Wario Land 3

wario land 3

A Summary of the Classic Platformer 

Firstly Wario Land 3 is a platformer video game developed by Nintendo. It was released in 2000 on the Game Boy Colour console.

Significantly it is the third installment in the Wario Land series and is the only one released on the Game Boy Color. By comparison, the game follows the adventures of Wario, a greedy, selfish anti-hero who is out to collect treasure.


After Mario’s plane crash lands in some remote area, he enters a cave and finds a snowglobe music box. After he finds the music box snowglobe thing, the box sucks him in like some poltergeist vibe. He then has to answer to the Black Cat God of that castle. At this point, he is then tasked with finding 5 music boxes. To break the seal that put Cat God in that spot he is in, and in return, he will send Wario back to the world from which he came. Wario then flashes him a shiny & sparkly thumbs up, letting him know he does acknowledge his request.

Chiefly Wario Land 3 is a side-scrolling platformer, similar to other games in the Wario Land series.

  • Along the way, he must battle enemies while collecting coins to purchase upgrades.
  • Wario’s goal is to reach the end of each level and collect coins to purchase upgrades.
  • He can also pick up special items like power-ups helping him progress through the levels.
  • You be given help as you play through the game by a mad scientist that will throw an invisible potion at you.
  • You can’t die, so the developers made it fixed time on boosts you’ll get through the game, which can be hard to time just right.

Wario Land 3 also features an array of mini-games unlocked after completing an array of tasks.

wario land 3


  • Surprisingly the music in Wario Land 3 blends classic and modern styles, blending 8-bit chiptune with synthesized melodies.
  • The soundtrack is composed by Kenta Nagata and Hiroshi Yamauchi and is considered one of the best on the Game Boy Colour.


Wario Land 3 was met with critical acclaim, such as many praising the game’s graphics, sound, and level design.

  • It was also praised for its replay value, as the levels can be completed differently.
  • Significantly the game was a commercial success, selling over 1.5 million copies worldwide.


In conclusion, Wario Land 3 is a classic platformer for the Game Boy Colour. Another key point is the featured engaging level design, charming music, and plenty of replay value. Significantly the game was a commercial success and is considered one of the Best Game Boy Colour Games.

Donkey Kong Country

donkey kong country

A Brief Overview of the Iconic Gameboy Colour Game


Firstly, Donkey Kong Country is a platform game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1994.

  • One of the first things we noticed when we played was that the music is so funky and makes you enter the game immediately. How can you not want to play a game with funky tracks and basslines? After getting past that majestic add-on, we find the gameplay. 
  • Significantly, the game is the first installment in the Donkey Kong Country series and follows the adventures of Donkey Kong and his nephew Diddy Kong, who travel across the island of Donkey Kong Country to reclaim their stolen banana hoard from the Kremling Krew.
  • The graphics on this are a step up from past games of the Gameboy color. The trees are vibrant and colorful, adding to the overall experience and enjoyment of the gameplay. We think this is one of the best-looking Gameboy color games that has ever come out. To convert the game to the Gameboy Color from the SNES and still have as good of graphics was a feat that the developers accomplished.


The game’s story follows Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who set out to reclaim their banana hoard from the Kremling Krew, led by the malicious King K. Rool. Along the way, they must battle various enemies and bosses and find hidden secrets and

 bonus levels. The game features fifteen levels, each with a unique setting and different objectives. While playing, you will encounter the other Kongs, such as Cranky, Funky & Candy Kong. Candy runs a mini-game area on each map, which is different from the SNES version, in which she operates from a safe location.


Significantly the game’s soundtrack was composed by David Wise and featured a mix of jazz, funk, and reggae.


donkey kong

  • Firstly, Donkey Kong Country is a side-scrolling platformer with a unique “barrel-cannon” system.
  • Subsequently, players can use the barrels to launch themselves across gaps or to collect bonus items. The game also features an in-game shop where players can purchase items.
  • You might even notice that the jump button is less responsive on this Gameboy Color version than on the SNES version. We noticed that the tire section jumping is very challenging do the timing required to make the jumps accurately.

New Level

  • The last portion of the game between Funkys flights and Loopys lights is a brand new level only found in the Gameboy Colour. The level is called Neckies Nightmare, which you will find plump full of mini Neckies.


In conclusion, Donkey Kong Country is a classic platform game. Chiefly Developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the SNES in 1994. Significantly, the game is a huge success, selling over 9.3 million copies worldwide and is one of the best game boy color games ever. However, Donkey Kong Country was followed up by two sequels and spawned numerous spin-offs and other media. Undeniably Donkey Kong Country is an iconic game that will be remembered for years. 

Mario Tennis

mario tennis

Mario Tennis is a classic sports video game series.

Developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo.

  • The first installment in the Mario Tennis series was released for the Nintendo 64 in 2000
  • The series ported to various consoles and handhelds and spawned many sequels.


  • The game starts with Alex, the character the Developers chose for some reason.
  • Along with Alex, you will meet Harry, his friend that happens to be in the same prestigious school as Alex.
  • Although this school is unlike more schools, this one exists for one purpose only to train Alex on how to be a professional top-level tennis player.
  • Alex must then go through the JV and Varsity teams before he can be an elitist, join the traveling team, and compete in the tournament.
  • We found the game to be fun, quirky, and charming.
  • The characters have a similar look and feel to Pokemon human characters.

Tennis skills & training

Using skills like topspinlobdrop shot, & slice, and other well-known tennis moves, you can help Alex through to the elitist tournament. The game even features different mini-games that help you work on tennis skills, including serving and shot placement.

After the story mode is complete, Mario is only playable as an unlocked character. Strange, considering he is the title of the game. Although this can be seen as a loss of you through the game, you will warm up the charm of the characters you will learn to love as you play through it.


  • Mario Tennis features a variety of characters from the Mario universe, such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Toad, Wario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and many others.
  • Each character has unique stats and abilities, making for an interesting and varied game.


Mario Tennis features a simple control scheme that is easy to learn. The game allows players to hit the ball with different shots, such as top spin, slice, lob, and drop shots. The game also features basic tennis rules, including out-of-bounds and fault lines.


  • Mario Tennis has several modes, including singles, doubles, and tournaments. Each mode has its rules and strategies, adding to the game’s replay value.
  • Players can also choose from various courts, from traditional clay courts to more exotic locales.
  • The game even features different mini-games that help you work on tennis skills, including serving and shot placement.


  • Mario Tennis is a classic sports game that will provide hours of fun for the whole family. Its simple controls, varied characters, and various modes make it a great game for all ages. It’s also suitable for casual and competitive players, making it an ideal game for all players. The game can become addicting fast while playing it. This game is, arguably, one of the best sports games to be ever released for a handheld system like the Gameboy Colour.

Pokemon Gold & Silver

pokemon gold and silver

The Massively Popular Pokemon Gold & Silver

Pokemon Gold and Silver were two of the most popular installments of the Pokemon franchise.

One of the best game boy colour games ever!

Story and Characters

Released in Japan in 1999, the two games took the world by storm, introducing an entirely new generation of players to the world of Pokemon.

  • The games were the first to introduce the concept of time and day and new Pokemon, items, and locations.
  • The story of Gold & Silver focuses on the player’s journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainer.
  • The player must battle the Elite Four and their leader, the Champion, to become the Pokemon Champion.
  • Unity to explore the Johto region, encountering various Pokemon and characters.
  • You play as Gold or Silver, whichever one you prefer. The goal is to defeat all 8 gyms. The game feels like a sequel to the Red and Blue, with 251 Pokemon to catch in this version.
  • Gameplay
    • The gameplay of Pokemon Gold & Silver was similar to the original but with some improvements.
    • The game feels like a sequel to the Red and Blue, with 251 Pokemon to catch in this version.
  • The games introduced the concept of day and night, affecting the types of Pokemon the player could encounter. These games also introduced the concept of breeding, allowing players to create their own unique Pokemon.
  • The games also included a variety of mini-games, as well as traditional battles with other trainers.
  • It includes all the Pokemon from the first game, along with 100 new, never before seen species of Pokemon. Many evolutions of the older versions, such as Blossom and Crowbat. Evolutions of Gloom and Golbat. 
  • This version brings in baby Pokemon. They are weaker but also more cute. These new additions include baby Pokemon such as Pichu – A baby form of Pikachu, and Eagerly Buff – A baby form of Jigglypuff.
  • Another new and cool feature of this version is the Steel and Dark types. These were added to combat Psychic types. Meant as a way to balance the game from Gem 1. 
  • This version of the game also includes time. This feature will determine the Pokemon that appear based on the time of the day. Such as Bruce or Ledyba in the morning or Hoo Hoo at night.
  • The battles resemble Gem 1, with a few new add-ons to this gameplay version. Including the new types, hold items to heal by themselves, and an exp bar under the hp bar. This version also includes a bunch of new moves for the Pokemon to learn. 
  • Graphics & Sound
  • Pokemon Gold & Silver’s graphics significantly improved over the original games.
  • The sprites were larger and more detailed, and the music was catchy and memorable.
  • The colors are brighter and more vibrant, and the sound effects improved over the original games.
  • The graphics in this game are amazing, and they make the Pokemon look how you would expect them to. The soundtrack is very good and makes the gameplay even more enjoyable; you will hear these in the battles as well as while in the towns.


  • Johto, Falkerner, the flying trainer; Bug Seed, the bug boffin; Whiney, the normal type mentor; Morty, the ghost channeler; Chuck, the fighting guru; Jasmine, the steel leader, Price, the ice master, Claire the dragon coordination.
  • The post-game Kanto region is amazing, and it lets you see just how far the game has come in 3 years. Leader of Kanto, Brock, the rock-type trainer; Misty, the water-type master; Lt. Surge, the electric user; Erika, the grass trainer; Janine, the daughter of Koga; Sabrina, the psychic; Blaine, the fire leader.
  • You will find the cell phone annoying if you accept a call from the trainers of Johto and Kanto. If you accept the call, they can call you multiple times for rematches. You will be forced to answer their calls. The downside to this is that you will have to grind and level up.
  • The safari zone is closed, which is a nice change compared to the last versions. Less wasting of safari balls before time is out and throwing rocks at Chancys. 
  • Although the battles are easy, the puzzles involved with some gems are more difficult to find.
  • Conclusion
  • Pokemon Gold & Silver are two of the most beloved games in the Pokemon franchise and one of the best game boy color games of all time.
    • The games introduced a new generation of players to the world of Pokemon and various new features and characters.
    • The graphics and sound have improved over the original games, and the story and characters were engaging.
    • The gameplay has also improved by introducing the day and night system and breeding. 

The games are some of the best of the Pokemon series and are well worth playing for any franchise fan, along with one of the Best Game Boy Colour Games.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

super mario bros.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is an updated version of the classic 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game Super Mario Bros. This version was released for the Game Boy Colour in 1999 and is one of the greatest games ever.

  • The game features the same 8-bit levels as the original but with updated graphics, music, and sound effects. Minor changes, such as the ability to save between levels. You don’t have to beat Mario in one sitting. Allowing younger and older players to enjoy the game more than past versions for NES.
  • After collecting enough points, you can unlock Super Mario Bros 2, the much more challenging Japanese version of the iconic game we all know and love.
  • New Mario vs. Boo mode where you are being chased by boo while trying to navigate through the level. You will need to be fast to beat him.
  • It keeps the original’s greatness intact while adding to the game with new game modes, making it much more fun to play.

Comparatively, the main difference between this version and the original is the addition of a new mode called “Challenge.”

  • Now including time-based goals.

super mario bros deluxe


Firstly the core gameplay of Super Mario Bros Deluxe is the same as the original. Similarly, players control Mario as he runs and jumps through various levels, collecting coins and power-ups to gain extra lives and defeat enemies.


  • The graphics in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe improved from the original. The colors are more vibrant, and the sprites are larger and more detailed.
  • The backgrounds are also more detailed and feature more animation.


  • The music in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is an improvement over the original. The soundtrack has been updated to make it more modern and enjoyable.

The sound effects improved and are more detailed.


  • Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is an updated version of the classic NES game. The graphics, music and sound effects improved, and the addition of the Challenge mode makes it even more enjoyable.

 This version of the game is a must-have for retro gamers and Nintendo fans alike and, as you could have guessed, one of our choices for the Best Game Boy Colour Games.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

pokemon trading card game

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is a popular collectible card game first released in Japan in 1996. 

  • It is based on the popular Pokemon video game series and has spawned numerous expansions and spin-off games.

Since it’s release Pokemon Trading has been enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

Rules of the Game:

The basic rules of the Pokemon TCG are simple. Each pl

ayer starts with a deck of 60 cards, which they can use to battle their opponents. 

  • The game’s goal is to be the first player to reduce their opponent’s deck of cards to 0. During each turn, players can attack each other, use the special abilities of their Pokemon, or play Trainer cards which provide various benefits.

pokemon silver and gold

Popular Sets and Cards:

  • The years have release numerous sets. Each contains different cards.
  • Some of the most popular cards are the Legendary Pokemon cards, which are rare and powerful.

Other popular sets include the EX series, which features powerful cards to gain an edge over opponents.

Strategies for Winning:

  • There are numerous strategies for winning the game, depending on the type of deck you are playing.

Popular strategies include focusing on one type of Pokemon, such as Water or Fire, or building a deck with a mix of different types. Another strategy is to use the Trainer cards to gain an advantage over your opponent.


  • The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a great game and one of the best game boy colour games. Now, go have fun online with friends, family, or strangers.

Players can customize their decks to suit their playstyles with the many different sets and cards available.

With a bit of practice and strategy, players can become masters of the game. 

Mario Golf

mario golf

A Club Swinging Mario

Mario Golf for the Gameboy Colour is a turn-based golf game.

Developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo.

Released in Japan in 1999 and in North America and Europe in 2000. It is the first installment in the Mario Golf series.


  • Played from an overhead perspective, and the objective is to hit the golf ball into the hole using the least amount of strokes.
  • Players can select from various clubs and use a variety of shots such as topspin, backspin, and slice. The game also features power meters to measure the power of the player’s shots.


  • The game features a variety of characters from the Mario franchise, such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Wario, and many others.
  • Each character has its clubs, ball types, and stats.


  • Mario Golf for the Gameboy Color features a variety of modes, such as stroke play, match play, and tournament mode.
  • The game also features a training mode where players can practice their golf skills. 


  • Mario Golf for the Gameboy Color is an enjoyable golf game that features a variety of characters, modes, and challenges.
  • It is great for golf fans and those looking for a fun, easy-to-play game. 

In conclusion, we hope you found the Top 10 Best Game Boy Colour Games list helpful in deciding which game to play next!

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