spec ops covert assault

Spec Ops Covert Assault Review – 2023 The worst one?

Spec Ops Covert Assault

Spec Ops Covert Assault Overview

Spec Ops Covert Assault the next installment of the franchise after Spec Ops Ranger Elite for the Playstation, is not what we expected. A huge improvement over the first Spec Ops – Rangers Lead The Way, or Stealth Patrol, Airborne Commando? Possibly so. Although, the graphics were another story. Basically, you start off on this cooperative action shooter – Spec Ops Covert Assault in the red room. This is where you choose between six types of Rangers for your team, you are going to play each mission or try to given the quality of the gameplay we saw.

You can find the game here on Amazon here.

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Next, you will want to choose your team listed below:

  • Martinez – Machine Gunner, expert in the use the machine guns.
  • O’connor – Close Quarter, expert with shotgun.
  • Ericsson – Recon/Sniper, expert with rifles.
  • Schmidt – Grenadier, expert with M203 grenade launcher.
  • King – Rifleman, expert with assault rifles.

Doing so in a tactical manner will affect your chances of survival right? Maybe so, or maybe you will get shot unknowingly by a black dot on your screen(Time will tell). Although, it is recommended. You will then lead your team through the highly guarded areas of the maps and try to kill the AI you encounter. The controls in this video game can be a bit challenging, it is a somewhat clunky game. While playing are you controlling Expertly trained US Army Rangers(each with different qualities).

Spec Ops Covert Assault Rangers

Spec Ops Covert Assault uses a 3rd person camera angle. You can choose between over 10 different weapons like, the Barret M182A, AK47, SSG, RPK. This game has many flaws that are seen almost right away. Once enemies in this game will shoot at you, naturally, you will shoot back and hit them right? Nope, not in this game! It is glitchy that way. However, other times the enemies shot at me and didn’t hit me at all. Strange!

The graphics and detail are similar to other PS1 games that of other for its time. This game felt like it was underdeveloped and rushed hence the not so great gameplay. That being said, to buy the game it will cost a whopping $5 on Amazon at the time of writing this buy it and check it out for yourself if you like.

Or as others have said “Please don’t buy it” We thought it really wasn’t worth buying unless it fill a need to add it to one’s collection. You can find Spec Ops Covert Assualt online and on ROM and give it a try now here

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