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ROTMG DPS – Why The Best DSP Calculator is so important in 2023

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ROTMG DPS: How to Maximize Your Damage Output

If you’re a Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) player, you’re probably familiar with the term “DPS”. DPS stands for “damage per second”, and it refers to the amount of damage you can deal in a single second. In RotMG, DPS is a crucial stat that determines how quickly you can take down enemies and bosses.

To calculate your DPS in RotMG, you can use a DPS calculator. These calculators take into account your weapon, stats, and other factors to give you an accurate estimate of your DPS. There are several DPS calculators available for RotMG, including the RotMG DPS Calculator and Curlip’s DPS Calculator.

Understanding your DPS is essential for succeeding in RotMG. By knowing your DPS, you can determine which enemies you can take down quickly and which ones you should avoid. Additionally, knowing your DPS can help you optimize your gear and stats to increase your damage output. Overall, DPS is a vital stat in RotMG, and understanding it is crucial for success in the game.

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Understanding DPS in ROTMG

Importance of DPS

In ROTMG, DPS (damage per second) is a crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of your character in combat. The higher your DPS, the more damage you can deal to enemies, and the quicker you can defeat them. This is especially important in group settings, where you need to be able to contribute to the fight and not be a liability to your team.

Having a high DPS also means you can clear dungeons faster, which can lead to better loot drops and more fame. Additionally, certain dungeons and bosses have DPS thresholds that need to be met in order to defeat them, making it necessary to have a certain level of DPS to progress in the game.

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Calculating DPS

Calculating your DPS in ROTMG can be done manually, but it’s time-consuming and not always accurate. Fortunately, there are several DPS calculators available online that make the process much easier. These calculators take into account your weapon choice, stats, and other factors to give you an accurate DPS calculation.

One popular DPS calculator is the RotMG DPS Calculator, which is available as a web application. To use it, simply enter your character’s stats and weapon choice, and the calculator will give you your DPS output. This can be helpful in determining which weapons and stats to prioritize when levelling up your character.

It’s important to note that DPS isn’t the only factor to consider when building your character. Survivability and utility are also important, so it’s important to find a balance between DPS and other stats. Additionally, DPS calculators don’t take into account other factors such as enemy defences or resistances, so your actual DPS output may vary in combat.

In conclusion, understanding DPS in ROTMG is crucial for building an effective character and progressing in the game. By prioritizing DPS and using a calculator to determine your output, you can ensure that you’re contributing to your team and defeating enemies efficiently.

We have listed some great tools below for you to use to automate the process:

The Best ROTMG God DPS Calculators:

1st up is, RotMG-Mirror’s Calculator

Next is up is, Culprits DPS Calculator

Lastly, we have Pfiffel’s DPS Calucutor(requires more steps to use)

These are the best damage-per-second calculators for the game you will find.  They will definitely help you compare different sets you would like to try out as you play. As well as allowing, you to check out the class DPS and different teir classes DPS, and ability DPS among others. 

For more info on general information for realm of the mad god also be sure to check out the ROTMG wiki – RealmEye

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highest DPS classes in RotMG?

The highest DPS classes in RotMG are typically those that have high attack speed and damage output. Some of the classes that are considered to have high DPS include the Ninja, Warrior, and Archer. However, it’s important to note that DPS can vary depending on the situation and the enemy being fought. For example, some classes may have higher DPS against certain enemies than others.

How can I compare the DPS of different RotMG weapons?

To compare the DPS of different RotMG weapons, you can use a DPS calculator. There are several DPS calculators available online that can help you compare the DPS of different weapons. You can input the stats of each weapon, such as damage, rate of fire, and any special effects, and the calculator will give you an estimated DPS for each weapon.

What is the best RotMG DPS calculator available?

There are several RotMG DPS calculators available online, and the best one for you may depend on your personal preferences. Some popular DPS calculators include the RealmEye DPS calculator and the RotMG DPS calculator. These calculators allow you to input the stats of your weapons and abilities to get an estimated DPS output.

How do I calculate DPS in RotMG?

To calculate DPS in RotMG, you can use a DPS calculator or do the calculations manually. Manually calculating DPS involves dividing the damage output by the time it takes to deal that damage. For example, if a weapon deals 1000 damage in 5 seconds, the DPS would be 200. However, using a DPS calculator is typically faster and more accurate.

How many classes are there in RotMG?

There are currently 16 classes in RotMG, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. These classes include the Wizard, Priest, Warrior, Knight, Paladin, Assassin, Necromancer, Huntress, Mystic, Trickster, Sorcerer, Ninja, Samurai, Bard, Summoner, and the newly-added Void Entity.

What is the DPS of RotMG bows and wands?

The DPS of RotMG bows and wands can vary depending on the specific weapon and its stats. Generally, bows have a higher rate of fire and lower damage per shot, while wands have a lower rate of fire and higher damage per shot. However, some bows and wands have special effects that can significantly impact their DPS output. To accurately compare the DPS of different bows and wands, it’s best to use a DPS calculator.


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