Dolphin Blue Dreamcast: A Deep Dive into the Retro Gaming Classic 2023

Dolphin Blue Dreamcast: A Dive into the Retro Gaming Classic

dolphin blue dreamcast

Dolphin Blue, one of the lesser-known gems in the gaming world, recently caught our attention when it was ported to the SEGA Dreamcast. Previously an Atomiswave arcade title, this run-and-gun game has a unique appeal that combines the best of Metal Slug and Ecco the Dolphin. As avid gamers, we couldn’t help but dive into the world of Dolphin Blue and explore its unique features.

This captivating game has now become fully playable on Dreamcast. Thanks to the efforts of Megavolt85, who is known for their impressive native 1:1 Atomiswave-to-Dreamcast ports. With its compelling gameplay, vibrant graphics, and exciting challenges, Dolphin Blue truly stands out as a title that deserved a chance to shine on the Dreamcast platform.

The moment we started playing Dolphin Blue, we were quickly drawn into its enchanting universe – riding on dolphins, fighting enemies, and navigating through colorful underwater scenes. The gameplay mechanics are smooth, and the refreshingly unique concept kept us engaged throughout. It’s a fantastic addition to the Dreamcast lineup, and we highly recommend giving this underappreciated title a try.

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What Is Dolphin Blue Dreamcast?

dolphin blue dreamcast

Dolphin Blue is a unique run-and-gun game initially released for the Atomiswave arcade system. Which is quite similar to Sega’s Dreamcast console. As fans of the game, we were excited when Dolphin Blue was ported to the Dreamcast, allowing us to enjoy this fantastic title in the comfort of our own homes.

In Dolphin Blue, we play as a daring soldier accompanied by a faithful dolphin companion. Together, we embark on a mission to save the world from an evil organization. The metal slug series heavily inspired the gameplay of Dolphin Blue. Along with the satisfying run-and-gun mechanics, engaging levels, and an arsenal of powerful weapons at our disposal.

The visuals and animations in Dolphin Blue are top-notch, delivering a truly immersive arcade experience. The character sprites are detailed, and the colorful environments feel alive with continuous activity. All of this runs smoothly on the Dreamcast, a testament to both the console’s capabilities and the Atomiswave hardware’s similarities.

Playing Dolphin Blue on Dreamcast offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane for us, as the console is home to many great titles. The Atomiswave port’s existence on Dreamcast has allowed more people to experience and appreciate this game. Furthermore, with the availability of the port on Dreamcast, we can enjoy widescreen support and arcade stick mapping, which enhances the gaming experience significantly.

So there you have it – Dolphin Blue is a visually stunning, action-packed run-and-gun game that successfully made its way from the Atomiswave arcade system to the Sega Dreamcast console. It’s a must-play for fans of the genre and an enjoyable addition to any Dreamcast game library.

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Why Should You Play Dolphin Blue


Dolphin Blue is a fantastic addition to the Sega Dreamcast library, offering a unique and engaging action experience. As fans of the genre, we believe this game deserves attention for several reasons.

Firstly, the game is highly reminiscent of the classic Metal Slug series, a beloved run-and-gun favorite for many players. Dolphin Blue takes this concept and adds its own twist, allowing us to play as dolphin-riding soldiers blasting through beautifully designed levels. The gameplay is incredibly fun, and we found ourselves easily immersed in the exciting world presented to us.

Another great aspect of the game is its colorful and vibrant visuals, which stand out and give life to an otherwise standard action game premise. The character designs, animations, and backgrounds all blend together to give Dolphin Blue its unique identity. We can’t help but appreciate the attention to detail and dedication put into its art direction.

Originally Released as Atomiswave

One thing that we can’t ignore is the fact that Dolphin Blue is a rare gem within the Sega Dreamcast library. It released on the Atomiswave arcade system before being ported to the Dreamcast, which makes it even more special. As Dreamcast enthusiasts, we highly appreciate the efforts of the talented individuals who made this playable at home. It adds a sense of exclusivity and novelty to the game, another reason to add it to our gaming collection.

Lastly, we loved the pacing and challenge present in Dolphin Blue’s gameplay. Like any good run-and-gun game, it balances skill and timing to ensure an entertaining experience without being overly frustrating. The game keeps its momentum throughout, with fast-paced action, engaging enemy encounters, and a good selection of weapons to keep us on our toes.

In summary, Dolphin Blue is an action-packed game that we highly recommend for fans of the run-and-gun genre, especially those who love Metal Slug and Sega Dreamcast. With its engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and unique premise, it truly stands out as a game worth experiencing.

The Characters

dolphin blue dreamcast

Dolphin Blue, a run-and-gun arcade game, takes us on a journey where we fight through beautifully rendered levels with immersive 2D sprite-based characters. Released for the Atomiswave hardware, the game found its way onto Dreamcast with a port that preserved the gameplay experience seamlessly.

As we embark on our adventure in Dolphin Blue, we take control of two main characters: Alex, a male soldier, and Lani, a rugged female warrior. The craftsmanship behind these characters is evident in their detailed sprites and smooth animations. Throughout our playthrough, we couldn’t help but notice how the sprites’ quality surpassed those in Metal Slug, a similar game in the genre.

Set in a fictional nation surrounded by water, our heroes traverse through diverse and vibrant landscapes accompanied by their trusty dolphin cohorts. These intelligent, powerful marine friends aid us in our quest by providing extra firepower and swift underwater navigation.

Venturing into enemy territory, we face off against waves of enemies. Such enemies ranging from foot soldiers to heavily armed machinery, each with its own unique attack patterns and tactics. As we progress through the levels, we unlock various weapon upgrades to match the increasing intensity of the game. With a combination of strategy and reflex, we overcome these foes and restore peace and order to the nation.

One aspect of Dolphin Blue that stood out to us during our playthrough was the game’s captivating and memorable soundtrack. Combined with the blue skies, upbeat catchy tunes, and cute spunky characters. Dolphin Blue takes us on a nostalgic trip, reminiscent of classic Sega titles.

Tips and Tricks

We have compiled a few useful tips and tricks to help you navigate through Dolphin Blue on the Dreamcast. As fellow gamers who have played this game, these insights ought to help enhance your experience.

When you first start the game, ensure you download a stable ROM such as the one provided in this YouTube video. This will help you avoid any bugs or glitches during gameplay. Additionally, using an Optical Disc Emulator (ODE) like GD-EMU or TerraOnion MODE will ensure the best performance for playing the game on your Dreamcast console.

In the early stages, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the controls and learn how to execute special moves effectively. Experiment with combinations to discover powerful attacks that can clear multiple enemies at once.

There’s a section in the third stage where enemies might stop spawning, as reported here. Also to avoid getting stuck, try rebooting the game or looking online for a patch to fix the issue.

Throughout the game, don’t forget to keep an eye out for hidden bonuses and secret paths. These can lead to extra lives or new weapons that can give you the upper hand in difficult stages. You can find questions asked by other players online, which can act as a valuable resource when you’re trying to uncover all the game’s secrets.

Lastly, check out the gallery of other Atomiswave-to-Dreamcast ports for similar games and their respective tips and tricks. Gaining knowledge and strategies from other players can prove invaluable in enhancing your gaming performance.

Where to Buy It

dolphin blue dreamcast

We’ve found a few great places where you can buy Dolphin Blue for Dreamcast. One option is eBay, where you can find listings with “Buy it Now” prices and free shipping. Depending on the region you are in, the game might be available in PAL or NTSC-J forma. As well as some listings may offer the game as a disc-only option.

Another great source for Dolphin Blue is The Gaming Zone. Their Dreamcast reproduction games include a full-color manual and region-free disc. Please note that not all Dreamcast systems can play CD reproductions. So, check if your Dreamcast was manufactured before October 2000 to ensure compatibility.

If you’re more interested in a digital option, you can check out ports by Megavolt85. These ports are home conversions from Atomiswave arcade system to Dreamcast, and the game is fully playable. However, keep in mind that for this download, you would need to burn the file to a CDI or GDI format, depending on your system’s compatibility.

Dolphin Blue is a visually stunning game with a fun and unique take on the run-and-gun genre. As gamers who have played the game, we recommend giving it a try. As well as exploring these options to get your hands on this gem from the Dreamcast era.

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