My name is Justin I am a retro gamer of the 99′-2000’s I have played many gaming systems through my 30+ years of life. I have spent many hours playing the Gameboy, PS1, PS2, Sega, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox360, and PC and more. So, one day I decided it would be fun to share a blog with the information I’ve learned through my many years of gaming. I am happy to talk gaming with you all, along with my team of writers that will be contributing to Retro Gamers Guide.

This a blog for retro gamers to come to check out our content on all things gaming. We will give our experience gained reviews to 1UP you, Mario Bros style, with our knowledge.

We are a team of old-school gamers. You know like the type that grew up playing the retro consoles of the past?

On this site, we will be discussing retro consoles like:

  • Atari,
  • Nintendo,
  • NES,
  • SNES,
  • Sega,
  • Sega Dreamcast,
  • PlayStation,
  • N64
  • PC games – 56k Dial Up(ScreeEECHING noise maker)
  • And More..

We are a little older now and back to share our love of gaming with the rest of you!

Want to learn about a console you never had the chance to play?

We can help!

Want to learn about a game you never could check out?

We can help!

We hope you enjoy the content we provide here at Retro Gamers Guide.

Have an awesome day of gaming!